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Predictive Dialer

The Predictive dialer services offered by us includes manual dialing facility. All the outgoing calls from the user are automatically opened and are answered by passing to available agents. We offer this technology to help both the small and the big call centers to verify the average use time to revive live answer and the average length of every conversation. Our Predictive Dialer offer solutions for the increasing productivity in call centers. This facility benefits entire corporations and minimizes time between the calls answered.

Our predictive dialer for is maintained by our advanced technology and has been designed to manage both inward and outward calls according to the scale of varied call centers. Our software offers genuine solutions and can be used as an unconnected tool. We develop these comprehensive product software for the dialer to be capable of reporting, recording, quality monitoring, multiple campaign, and lead management. Moreover, this software is designed to boost the workplace productivity and gives control over operations and phone calls.

ARIA UCS TM – Contact Center Solution:

This product is suitable for both domestic and international call centers. Our products, Aria UCS TM, works as a call center solution available for inbound and outbound calls. Our product is flexible to go with your necessities. Some of the features of our product are:

ACD: ACD means Automatic call distribution system, and is usually the most crucial part of any organization. This feature allows the addition of multiple ACD groups to fullfill various requirements. It also offers use for inbound and outbound campaigns, and is configured for the specified needs of clients. Some of these features are UCD or Universal Call Distribution, skill based routing, and automatic call distribution.
Agent Terminal: We provide full flexibility for the use of use of FXS Gateway, IP Phone, Landline, Mobile, soft Phone, and TDM PBX, via our agent terminal feature.
CRM: This is an important tool for any organization. We provide full flexibility for the design of CRM for any campaign.
Dialing Mode: We offer varied dialing modes like pace of dialer, predictive, preview dialing, and progressive that can be easily defined by our UCS which provides the facility of setting a redialing pattern and diverse statuses, while contacting busy numbers.
Disposition: We offer call fill status after the disconnection of calls. This is provided so that the user can build up call disposition in accordance to their choice.
IVR Manager: The IVR manager offers a city/department selection, language option, and welcome message, that can be added via CCS. This helps make up for the lengthier call flow, and can be defined for different IVR or DID.
Monitoring: Easy monitoring via predictive dialer, and provides full authorization to user for the monitor of various campaigns.
Queue Message: We offer varied queue message services to companies that can be played during holding.
Script Manager: We provide easy-to-define scripts for various campaign for assisting an agent.
Trunk Line Connectivity: FXO, GSM/CDMA Gateway, H.323, ISDN PRI Line, and SIP trunk, are some of the varied industry based trunk line connectivity services offered by us.